Paranormal Mysteries

Title:Marvels and Mysteries of the Unexplained
ISBN-13: 9780760784914
Author: Karen Farrington
Publisher: Barnes & Noble
Date Published: October 2006
Format: Hardcover

Marvels and Mysteries of the Unexplained

In this amazing anthology of the baffling and the bizarre, author Karen Farrington recounts the latest investigations into strange phenomena that have mystified mankind for centuries. Some of history's most astounding tales of the weird and wonderful are retold here in vivid detail, from the grotesque to the gruesome and from the unearthly to the just plain inexplicable. Embracing themes as diverse as alien abductions, zoological oddities, Roswell and the Kraken of Viking legend, Marvels & Mysteries of the Unexplained offers a wealth of evidence, supporting it--where possible--with specially chosen images and providing valuable insights into the nature of the unknown. This compelling and timely examination of our planet's most astonishing secrets is sure to intrigue and amaze in equal measure.
Into the Bermuda Triangle: Pursuing the Truth Behind the World's Greatest Mystery

Title:Into the Bermuda Triangle: Pursuing the Truth Behind the World's Greatest Mystery
ISBN-13: 9780071452175
Author: Gian Quasar
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Date Published: February 2005
Format: Paperback
A pilot reports a strange haze enveloping his plane, then disappears; eleven hours after fuel starvation, as if calling out from a void, he is heard 600 miles away. He requests permission to land, then vanishes forever. A freighter steaming over placid seas disappears without a trace. A pleasure yacht ghosts past without a soul on board. A pilot calls for help because a "weird object" is harassing his plane. A jet collides with an "unknown" and is never found. . . . Are these events real, or just a sideshow for curiosity seekers and the gullible? These are the facts: none of the cases cited above, nor any of the hundreds of others similar to them, has ever been satisfactorily explained. Though little has been written about the Bermuda Triangle in the past quarter century, the haunting questions raised by the groundbreaking books of the 1970s have never been answered. And despite the prevailing official silence, the Bermuda Triangle continues to claim victims. Indeed, over the past twenty-five years, despite the universal deployment of electronic navigation systems such as GPS and reliable, state-of-the-art communications, and despite the fact that in most cases searches have been immediately launched, more than seventy-five airplanes and more than a thousand yachts and commercial vessels, along with their passengers and crews, have disappeared for no apparent reason and with no logical explanation. Though many of these were equipped with emergency locator radiobeacons, not one such beacon was activated—just one more enduring Triangle mystery.
  Title: Unexplained: An Encyclopedia of Curious Phenomena, Strange Superstitions, and Ancient Mysteries
ISBN-13: 9780753459508
Author: Judy Allen, Richard Hook
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company
Date Published: October 2006
Format: Hardcover, 240pp

Unexplained: An Encyclopedia of Curious Phenomena, Strange Superstitions, and Ancient Mysteries

Unexplained is a comprehensive and compelling one-stop guide to weird nature, the paranormal, and strange superstitions. Even with today's high-tech science, many events and ancient mysteries remain unexplained and surrounded by theories that stir the imagination and challenge scientific fact. This book systematically explores all aspects of the human fascination with the unknowable, from hauntings and the power of the mind to physical mysteries such as lost civilizations, ancient superstitions and symbols, and the persistent ideas about life from other planets. Evocative illustrations and intriguing photographs, combined with spine-tingling text by an award-winning author, shed light on the world's greatest mysteries.
Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century

Title: Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century
ISBN-13: 9780809241132
Author: Janet Bord, Colin Bord
Publisher: NTC Publishing Group
Date Published: April 1990
Format: Paperback, 432pp
From the publisher
An intriguing collection of unexplained events and mysterious happenings occurring throughout the modern world.
  Title: 100 Strangest Mysteries
ISBN-13: 9780760791929
Author: Matt Lamy
Publisher: Barnes & Noble
Date Published: May 2007
Format: Paperback

100 Strangest Mysteries

Were the Amityville hauntings cynical media manipulation? Is levitation possible? Has Earth been visited by UFOs from other realms? All these questions, and more, are considered in 100 Strangest Mysteries. Paranormal investigator Matt Lamy documents in detail the numerous phenomena and events which can be termed 'mysterious' and cannot be dismissed as mere hysteria or wild imaginings.

Divided into themed sections, the book includes:
  • The Beast of Bodmin — whether it is an escaped exotic pet, a feral cat or something more sinister, it certainly causes concern for inhabitants of its local area
  • Area 51 — conspiracy theorists believe it is a centre for the U.S. government's investigations into UFO activity, whilst others consider it to be 'only' a military air base
  • Ley lines and other energy fields — are they sacred sites going back thousands of years or modern New Age notions?
  • The Holy Grail — dismissed by organized religion, thought by some to have been a chalice brought to Britain by Joseph, many consider it to be nothing more than a romantic Arthurian legend

Unexplained!: Strange Sightings, Incredible Occurrences, and Puzzling Physical Phenomena

Title: Unexplained!: Strange Sightings, Incredible Occurrences, and Puzzling Physical Phenomena
ISBN-13: 9781578590704
Author: Jerome Clark
Publisher: Visible Ink Press
Date Published: November 1998
Format: Paperback - Revised
The truth is out there, but looking for it is the real fun. Now, countless X-Philes and other fans of the supernatural, occult, and UFOs can join Jerome Clark, as he journeys once again to the outer limits of science and nature in an updated and expanded edition of his popular work. 150 photos.
  Title: Paranormal Source Book: The Comprehensive Guide to Strange Phenomena Worldwide
ISBN-13: 0749914114
Author: Jenny Randles
Publisher: London Brd
Date Published: August 1997
Format: Paperback
Paranormal Source Book: The Comprehensive Guide to Strange Phenomena Worldwide
Paranormal Source Book: The Comprehensive Guide to Strange Phenomena Worldwide


Hidden History: Lost Civilizations, Secret Knowledge, and Ancient Mysteries

Title: Hidden History: Lost Civilizations, Secret Knowledge, and Ancient Mysteries
ISBN-13: 9781564148971
Author: Brian Haughton
Publisher: Career Press, Incorporated
Date Published: January 2007
Format: Paperback
Despite being enmeshed in a culture steeped in technology and science, the magic and mysteries of the ancient world can still haunt our imagination. Through their architecture, artefacts and deeds, ancient cultures speak to us across thousands of dusty years-from the labyrinthine palace of Knossos on Crete and the lofty pyramids of Egypt to the remotest jungle temples of Peru and the megalithic mystery of Stonehenge. Hidden History brings together a fascinating selection of these ancient enigmas, arranging them into three sections: Mysterious Places, Unexplained Artefacts, and Enigmatic People.

You'll discover fascinating facts about:
  • The Great Sphinx-Mysticism and archaeology collide in the ongoing debate over this enigmatic monument.
  • Mystery Hill-Who built the intriguing megalithic complex lying 40 miles north of Boston?
  • The Antikythera Mechanism-An ancient Greek computer found beneath the Aegean Sea.
  • The Giant Hill-Figures of England-The Uffington White Horse and other huge chalk figures cut into the English countryside thousands of years ago.
  • The Queen of Sheba-Clues to the real identity of this mighty ruler famous for her Biblical visit to King Solomon
  • Newgrange-Hundreds of years older than the Giza Pyramid and Stonehenge. Who were the builders of this Irish megalithic monument?

  Title: Strange Highways: A Guidebook to American Mysteries and the Unexplained
ISBN-13: 9781892523372
Author: Jerry D. Coleman
Publisher: Whitechapel Productions Press
Date Published: October 2003
Format: Paperback

Strange Highways: A Guidebook to American Mysteries and the Unexplained

A reviewer, 02/19/2006
A refreshing look on some of the cryptozoological and paranormal mysteries over the years as well as first hand encounters. It is 126 pages with 26 b&w photos along with various illustrations and broken down into 14 chapters. The author presents the facts as he has found them and allows you to draw your own conclusions. Of special interest to anyone with an interest in cryptozoology is the third chapter which does an in depth study of the 'Lawndale Big Bird' incident. All in all a very entertaining and informative book which could benefit from better editing but still a recommended read for all those with a interest in this area. I feel it is money well spent to have this sitting on your shelf.
Critical Reflections on the Paranormal

Title: Critical Reflections on the Paranormal
ISBN-13: 9780791430637
Author: Michael Stoeber, Hugo A. Meynell
Publisher: State University of New York Press
Date Published: September 1996
Format: Hardcover
Critical Reflections on the Paranormal discusses various aspects of paranormal phenomena such as telepathy, psychokinesis, trance-mediumship, near-death experiences, and past-life memories. It reflects on what is reasonable to believe about them, and why; and it suggests what changes they might demand in our worldview, if these phenomena are accepted as genuine. The collection includes essays by Susan Armstrong, Heather Botting, Stephen Braude, Don Evans, David Ray Griffin, James Horne, Terence Penelhum, and the editors.
  Title: Mysteries of Time and Space
ISBN-13: 9780914918950
Author: Brad Steiger, Ron Calais
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing, Limited
Date Published: March 1997
Format: Trade Paper

Mysteries of Time and Space

In Mysteries of Time and Space, incredible photographs of unexplained phenomena and many eyewitness accounts relate events that are just too intriguing to ignore. Steiger goes beyond the events, however, and shows evidence that man himself is able to alter his own reality and experience, for example, insensitivity to a bed of nails and self-healing of blindness - in short, create whatever reality he believes in. Can he evolve his awareness of this creativity to include the unexplained artifacts and UFO's?
The Complete Books of Charles Fort

Title: The Complete Books of Charles Fort
ISBN-13: 9780486230948
Author: Charles Fort
Publisher: Dover Publications,
Date Published: February 1975
Format: Paperback
From the publisher
This scholarly exploration of the borderlands between science and fantasy features four complete works by the redoubtable Charle Fort (1874-1932): The Book of the Damned, Lo!, Wild Talents, and New Lands. All concern the bizarre phenomena unexplained by traditional science that the author spent the better part of three decades documenting: flying saucers, telekinesis, sudden showers of fish from the sky, stigmata, poltergeists, and spontaneous combustion (to name a few). Fort's florid style and freakish subjects were much critiziced by his contemporaries, but he was defended and admired by an equal number of readers, including such noteworthies as Theodore Dreiser, Clarence Darrow, and Oliver Wendell Holmes. Stimulating, bewildering, and intoxicating, this intellectual tour de force is a must for lovers of science fiction as well as science facts.
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