Martian Anomalies

Title: The Mars Mystery: The Secret Connection between Earth and the Red Planet
ISBN-13: 9780609802236
Author: Graham Hancock,Robert Bauval
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group
Date Published: June 1999
Format: Paperback

The Mars Mystery: The Secret Connection between Earth and the Red Planet

Synopsis June 1998
Graham Hancock is best known for his 1992 international bestseller The Sign and the Seal, which documented his real-life quest for the lost Ark of the Covenant. Now, in his latest book, The Mars Mystery, Hancock concentrates his efforts on the mysterious planet Mars. For years Mars has been a source of awe and speculation for humanity. Ravaged by asteroids and comets, Mars is a bleak, cold, lifeless planet. But has it always been like this? Using information unearthed by recent Observer, Pathfinder, and Mars Global Surveyor missions, The Mars Mystery examines the planet's current landscape to show that it may have at one time been home to a thriving environment that included rivers, lakes, oceans, and a dense atmosphere. Based on growing evidence, Hancock asks the question: Has Mars ever sustained higher forms of life? How might the secret of Mars be intertwined with Earth's own past and future? With abundant evidence that life at one time may have existed beyond Earth, NASA continues to delay taking a closer look at telling sites on Mars. The Mars Mystery details Hancock's case that NASA fears discovering evidence that alien life exists, due to the destabilizing political, economic, and social consequences it could have here on Earth. With the author's examination of traces left, perhaps, by martian civilization and the powers that ended it, The Mars Mystery is both a closer look at ancient martian history and a warning of Earth's possible fate.
The Message Of The Sphinx: A Quest For The Hidden Legacy Of Mankind

Title: The Message Of The Sphinx: A Quest For The Hidden Legacy Of Mankind
ISBN-13: 9780517888520
Author: Graham Hancock, R. Bauval
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group
Date Published: May 1997
Format: Paperback
In The Message of the Sphinx, Robert Bauval, author of The Orion Mystery, and Graham Hancock, author of Fingerprints of the Gods, present a tour de force of historical and scientific detective work that unravels the millennial code embodied in these structures. Using sophisticated computer simulations of ancient skies, they unravel the riddle of the Sphinx, and they present a startling new theory concerning the enigmatic Pyramid Texts and other archaic Egyptian scriptures. These texts serve as an ingenious treasure trail, and as the authors reveal, a covert treasure hunt has been under way for the last twenty years at the pyramids and the Sphinx - a hunt involving senior Egyptologists, high government officials, and a wealthy esoteric organization behind the scenes. What are they looking for? What is contained in the rectangular chamber that seismic surveys have located in the bedrock far below the paws of the Sphinx? What lies behind the mysterious door recently discovered at the end of a previously unexplored shaft deep inside the Great Pyramid? And does mankind have a rendezvous with destiny - a rendezvous not in the future, but in the distant past, at a precise place and time?
  Title: Monuments of Mars: A City on the Edge of Forever
ISBN-13: 9781583940549
Author: Richard C. Hoagland
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Date Published: January 2002
Format: Paperback

Monuments of Mars: A City on the Edge of Forever

For many years Richard Hoagland alone hypothesized that sentient beings spent time on Mars millions of years ago assembling behemoth structures whose ruins are still seen today. Here Hoagland redefines the solar system as a different place than NASA has presented. The book includes a new preface covering the Mars Global Surveyor photos and reactions of NASA.
In 1976, NASA sent four Viking spacecraft to Mars to photograph the planet and test for the presence of life. One of the orbiters photographed a mile-long mesa that uncannily resembled a human face. Hoagland takes readers step by step through the NASA images and evidence that a former civilization may have lived on Mars. Photos, maps, and charts.
Architects of the Underworld: Unriddling Atlantis, Anomalies on Mars, and the Mystery of the Sphinx

Title: Architects of the Underworld: Unriddling Atlantis, Anomalies on Mars, and the Mystery of the Sphinx
ISBN-13: 9781883319465
Author: Bruce Rux
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Date Published: October 1996
Format: Paperback
In this detailed, illustrated compilation, author Bruce Rux draws on thirteen years of research on reports of extraterrestrial phenomena and cover-up conspiracies. By painstakingly following the paper trails that connect such apparently unrelated and unexplained events as crop circles, alien abductions, extraterrestrial activities, and other modern-day mysteries, the author uncovers a legacy of misinformation, denial, and official silence from government organizations. Showing that the roots of this startling, hidden history of humanity predate the twentieth century by hundreds of years, Rux reveals the links between these contemporary phenomena and the legendary civilization of Atlantis, the Egyptian pyramids, the Sphinx, and the anomalies on the canal-coursed surface of Mars, including the controversial "Face".
  Title: Cydonia Codex: Reflections from Mars
ISBN-13: 9781583941218
Author: George J. Haas, Richard C. Hoagland
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Date Published: July 2005
Format: Paperback, 300pp

Cydonia Codex: Reflections from Mars

This book reveals the amazing findings of George Haas and William Saunders on the surface of the planet Mars. They offer unprecedented evidence that the “Face on Mars” is actually a “two-faced” edifice that mirrors a set of corresponding masks found on a Maya temple at Cerros, Mexico. Employing cutting-edge discoveries of archaeological scholarship, this team presents overwhelming proof of a terrestrial connection between these structures on the surface of Mars and the creation myths and religious symbolism of ancient cultures from Mesoamerica, Asia, Mesopotamia and Egypt. The authors present a side-by-side comparison of the Martian structures and Earthly iconography, leading to some staggering discoveries. The findings revealed in The Cydonia Codex may be the most important archaeological and sociological discovery in human history. Earth’s history and perhaps humankind’s origins may be much different than previously believed.
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