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Are these our experimental craft, or are they reverse engineering alien craft...  
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Embracing the Moon: A Witch's Guide to Rituals,
The Wiccan Mysteries: Ancient Origins &
To Ride a Silver Broomstick: New Generation
The Witches Voice  
A network dedicated to correcting misinformation about Witchcraft  
Galdraheim Coven  
Information and resources from the Wiccan coven based in Kent, UK  
Congregationalist Witchcraft Association of Canada  
The Congregationalist Witchcraft Association of Canada is a nationally chartered Witchcraft church, founded in 1991. We have members in six provinces and active Temple groups in Ontario and British Columbia.  
Starkindler Wicca  
Information on traditional initiatory Wicca and on the StarKindler Tradition of Wicca.  
The Wiccan Pagan Times  
The premier sources on the web for information concerning art, literature and music within the Pagan community.  
The Celtic Connection  
An excellent site on Celts, Wiccans/Witches, plenty of information, astral projection, Scott Cunningham, the Sabbats, jewelery, herbs oils and incences, moon phases, books, Newsletter, Candle magick, Divination, gardening, crystals, meditation, humour pages and animal guides, to name just a few. Everyone is welcome here, whether they be Shamans, Wiccans, Witches, Celts, Faeries or even Christians!  
Covenent of the Goddess  
Information about the COG organization and activities, as well as the religious beliefs and practices which comprise Wicca.  
Magic Wicca  
Order spells, books, candles, and witchcraft resources for wiccan beliefs and rituals.  
American Tradition of the Goddess  
Texas-based pagan/wiccan tradition.  
Sun Dragon Wicca  
Dedicated the positive public awareness of Wicca, Witches and Magick.  
Mothers Magic  
Dedicated to all interested in Wicca and Witchcraft.  
Welsh Witchcraft  
Home to the Coven of Y Tylwyth Teg, and The Georgia Pagan Home Page.  
Techno Pagan  
Home of the Babbling Brook - Extensive information  
Caer Avalon  
Celtic-based Wiccan/Pagan coven based in Toronto On.  
World Serpent Wicca/  
Includes announcements, photo album, bios, chat, and more.  
The Wiccan Church of Canada  
A site dedicated to Canadian practitioners  
Canadian Wiccan/Pagan Site  
Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft and other Earth Religions across Canada.  
Village of Lothlorien  
Resources for witches, pagans, and Wiccan travelers, as well as information about apprenticeships and memberships.  
Dark Net Search Engine  
Occult and paranormal search engine, witchcraft, wicca, spells, rituals, magick, free tarot readings, email etc.