Are these our experimental craft, or are they reverse engineering alien craft...  
Recommended Reading
Ghosts: True Encounters with the World Beyond
Show Me One Soul: A True Haunting
Poltergeists and the Paranormal: Fact beyond Fiction
Zerotime Ghost Links
Zerotime, providing factual accounts and unbiased studies
Louisiana Spectral Research
Investigation and documentation of spirit phenomena and other paranormal happenings in and around Louisiana.
A ghost research couple exhibits their photos and research info from the Southeastern United States.
The Shadowlands
Ghosts, spirits and spectres, over 4100 true ghost stories.
Shadow Secrets
Become part of this paranormal fansite. Submit your stories on ghosts, aliens, angels, OBE/NDEs, magick, talking boards & chupacabra.
he Internet's largest ghost photo gallery.
Official Web site Of the Spirit Questors
A group of young psychic volunteers who communicate with human and non-human spirits in the service of peaceful co-existence and unconditional love.
Obiwan Paranormal Spectre'
The home to the oldest true ghost story archive on the net (with stories dating back to 1993).
The Haunted Bookshop
The Haunted Bookshop was voted one of Melbourne's top shops by The Australian (May 1998) and features in Dennis Hauck's International Directory of Haunted Places
Lone Star Spirits
Since 1998 Lone Star Spirits has been investigating and collecting tales of paranormal activity in Texas.
Ghosts of the Prairie
Ghosts and spirits of the American West "Ghost Research Since 1996"
Paranormal Research and Investigation Group
We are a group of paranormal investigators based out of Myrtle Beach, SC. They investigate all area's of the paranormal.
Philadelphia Ghost Hunters
Philadelphia Ghost Hunters Alliance, a professional organization of paranormal investigators and researchers specific to Philadelphia, serving Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.
Shadows Ghostly Gathering
True ghost stories, evps, photographs, multimedia, and a haunted places directory.
Mystical Blaze
Exploration of the paranormal and supernatural with emphasis on real occurances.
Bridge to the Paranormal
Paranormal photography, ghosts, divination, UFOs, Aliens.
Ghastly Ghost Hunter
Haunted Pictures & Places Video, EVP.
Bell Witch Fan Site
Bell Witch Fan is the ultimate fan site for the Bell Witch Legend. Exclusive bell witch pictures and bell witch video that can be found at no other site.