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Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing the Dark Divide
Where Bigfoot Walks
Loch Ness Mystery Solved
Big-foot Field Researchers
The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) is a unique all-volunteer scientific & investigative organization focused on the bigfoot/sasquatch mystery.
When laymen hear the term UFO, they naturally think of flying saucers. Throughout history, man has been seeing strange oddities in the skies. In many instances it has been that of living things rather than those metallic discs.
Bigfoot Encounters
This website attempts to provide the interested reader or research student with a general overview of the biology of the Sasquatch to the same degree that one would expect from, say, a bear website, another highly rated site.
The Banshee
Throughout history and across cultures there are stories and myths of beings that forewarn of human death.
Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization
A research organization using high tech equipment, such as Night Vision Equipment, Infra Red Heat Sensors, Directional Microphones with Parabolic Boosters, and Wireless Microphones in their quest for the elusive Sasquatch..
Nessie on the Net in Scotland
The Official Loch Ness Monster Site
The Devils Footprints
After a dense snowfall on February 7 and 8, 1855, the people of Devonshire, England awoke to find strange footprints throughout their small town.
The Spring Heeled Jack
Jack's strange appearance and superhuman abilities lead investigator's to believe he is more then a mere man.
The Loch Ness Monster
Nearly 1000 feet deep and 24 miles long, Scotland's Loch Ness is believed by many to be home to the unidentified aquatic creature affectionately dubbed "Nessie." Strange Magazine's contribution.
The Bigfoot Recordings
A CD featuring reportedly authentic audio recordings of Bigfoot
The Legend of Nessie
With documented evidence, film, first-hand accounts, stories, scientific studies and expeditions, one of the most concise Loch Ness Monster sites on the WWW.
Interdimensional Photography
Authentic and amazing photos of Nature Spirits. Close-ups of Interdimensional Beings and lifeforms.
The Chupacabra
Find out more about Puerto Rico's version of the Yeti, the infamous Chupacabra.
Clan of Cain
Clan of Cain addresses a new dimension to the Bigfoot story. Never before has an author on the subject of Bigfoot linked the mystical; the paranormal Sasquatch to the origins of Christianity.
The Goat Legged Creature Of Calavaras County
The Goat Legged Creature Of Calavaras County, a well researched in depth site.
The Grey Man Of Ben Macdhui
The highland mountain ranges in Scotland are rough, beautiful, and magnificent places that attract many international visitors, but their slopes have a darker side that has terrified many people throughout the years.